If you own your home and use hot water, you pay the utility company month after month and have nothing to show for it.

A solar hot water system is simple to install and adds equity value to your home.

1.) In addition to reducing your monthly expenses, the money you save is like non taxable income. Every dollar you don’t send to the utilities is worth between $1.38 and $1.78 depending on your tax bracket.

2.) You keep money in your pocket rather than sending it off to a coal, gas or nuclear company somewhere. And, by employing a local solar installer you contribute directly to a thriving local economy.

3.) You and your community become more self sufficient.

4.) The sun is an inexhaustible and sustainable supply of energy. It is not going to run out, go up in price or spew more pollutants into the air and water.

5.) Solar hot water is the most affordable and most efficient of the alternative energy choices you have.

$1.00 spent on Solar Hot Water saves you as much money as $20.00 to $30.00 dollars spent on Solar electric.


6.) Solar Hot Water is a simple way to improve global security and reduce dependence on foreign fossil fuels.

7.) Solar Hot Water Systems are designed to last 30 or more years and are capable of earning a very high return on investment. In addition to the energy you make, the money you keep combines to earn you financial independence.

8.) You have a fixed price for heating hot water for the next 30 years. No price increases. No rate shocks.

9.) You set a great example for your children and neighbors by walking the walk.

10.) Installing Solar Hot Water for hot water use and space heat allows you to take both the federal and NY States tax credits.
Federal Credits are 30% of the installed value for domestic and commercial applications. NY State offers up to $5000.00 for residential Solar Domestic Hot Water systems.