Every Day The Sun Rises...
The Choice Is Yours -
Solar Energy Or ?

Rising fuel prices shine light on solar energy options

Both domestic hot water and solar pool heating are very effective and economical choices. If you can see a shadow, we can collect solar energy. It really works best when you need it most.

Investing in solar panels can cut water heating costs by 70 percent and totally eliminate pool heating costs. Solar panels are installed on rooftops, or on the ground on racks and tilted to catch the sun. They collect heat the way a car does when it sits in a sunny parking lot, even on a cold day. Solar energy is transferred to the solar storage tank or pool, the tank is the bank $$$.

It’s very satisfying to get hot water without paying anything, the savings rise as fuel cost rise. There are NYS & Federal credits for domestic solar hot water.

Apart from environmental benefits solar power is a way to stop paying higher & higher fuel bills.

Why rent your energy when you can own it?


Breakdown Of The Average Utility Bill

Breakdown of average home utility bill

25%-35% for Air Conditioning
11% for Heating
14% for Cooking
14% for Appliances
5% for lights
20%-35% pays for electricity, oil, or gas
used to make domestic hot water